Redmond Labs

Full Stack Software Development, Consulting, and Product Incubation


Areas of Expertise:

  • Digital Media / Entertainment Software
  • Virtual Reality Software
  • Computer Vision Software
  • News and Digital Publishing Software
  • Natural Language Processing Software

We also have business relationships with other local and overseas contracting companies who help out as and when needed on various projects.

Current Incubations:

  • The Evolution of Wealth Inequality - An HTML5-based interactive guide that helps you understand how inequality evolves in a society. (This was created in collaboration with Dr. Howard Aldrich of UNC Chapel Hill.)
  • MapGenius - A car driving video game that tests your mapping and navigation skills.
  • Fireworks - Personalize and share your own animated fireworks greeting!
  • Pristine - A VR experience with an environmental purpose, using WebVR technology.
  • SAT Reading Daily - A news feed and reading comprehension helper for SAT / GRE students.
  • Past Projects List.


Vinayak (Vin) Bhalerao [Founder / Principal]

Vin is a software architect and researcher with deep experience at both, world leading large software companies such as Microsoft and Expedia, as well as small startup companies. He has worked on very large software products (e.g. Windows CE and MSN) and small / medium software products (e.g. Expedia Cruise, Microsoft Class Server). He has successfully executed a large number of consulting projects, primarily for Microsoft. He is an expert at software architecture, requirements analysis, product incubation, software development, and project management.

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