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How Did the United States Abandon Diplomacy?

Reading Level: Expert. Vocab words: fitful, abrogate, covert, ravage, inviolable, grandiose, supplant, hegemony.

The Mass Murder We Don’t Talk About

Reading Level: Expert. Vocab words: committed, abduction, nonchalance, overlord, disaffected, hideous, reestablish, abrogate, insurgent, instigator, sporadic, frighten.

A Gandhian Stand Against the Culture of Cruelty

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: melodramatic, sequester, exult, repugnance, omnipotence, ostracize, absolve.

How Mohammed bin Salman Has Transformed Saudi Arabia

Reading Level: Expert. Vocab words: materialize, ire, arbiter, transgression, accede, espouse, entrust, evince, preempt, confiscate, engender, writ, demolish, duress, disenfranchise, covet, regurgitate, reign.

Playing Donald Trump for Peace

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: credulity, dispassionate, abduction, benediction, intersect.

Quantum Physics May Be Even Spookier Than You Think

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: deduce, propagate, concoct, instantaneous, annihilate, menagerie.

Pope Francis to invest 14 new cardinals in June

Reading Level: Standard. Vocab words: prelate, provenance, merciful, pontiff, archbishop, dogmatic.

Ratfucked Again

Reading Level: Expert. Vocab words: hiatus, forestall, arrogant, decimal, discernible, borough, disenfranchise, aver, harrowing, treachery, ignoble.

Has Trump found Europe's measure or vice versa?

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: coerce, reminiscent, transatlantic, preamble, statecraft, cogent.