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No, Weld can’t beat Trump. But he’s the only way real conservatives can dissent.

Reading Level: Standard. Vocab words: animate, ideologue, irritate, wry, aggrandize, partisan, prudence.

How Mueller revived a law that protects us all against foreign money

Reading Level: Standard. Vocab words: lobby, technicality, prone.

'Time is short': Why experts warn Russian meddling detailed in Mueller report could happen...

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: fractious, existential, covert, discredit, warmonger, conspire, disparage.

Attorney General William Barr faces a political firestorm after release of the Mueller report

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: stifle, castigate, absolution, intercede, conspire, propel, disparage, despicable.

North Macedonia’s election: a victory for Western diplomacy?

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: sporadic, refinery, autonomous, nondescript, grandiloquent, forestall, buttress, persistence, recalcitrant, accession, exaggerate.

In unflattering detail, Mueller report reveals Trump actions to impede inquiry

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: committed, exonerate, unearth, accede, denigrate, lawmaker, propel.