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Underwhelming response

  • nauseate: Labour Party member of the Knesset Shelly Yachimovich took to Facebook to say that as the daughter of Holocaust survivors, she found the display of Nazi symbols" physically nauseating ".
  • repute: Newspaper Israel Hayom, reputed to be close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made no mention of the developments on its front page and offered factual coverage on page 24.
  • bombastic: She also took aim at Prime Minister Netanyahu who condemned the far-right protestors but not Trump's words: " Y ou, the prime minister of the Jewish people in their land, the man who warns us about a Holocaust every Monday and Thursday with fear mongering and bombastic oaths of " never agai n"?

Kenya on a knife edge ahead of high-stakes elections

  • stab: The 72-year-old Odinga at the head of the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition, is taking his fourth-- and what many suspect will be his last-- stab at the presidency.
  • adamant: He claims both elections in 2007 and 2013 were stolen from him and is adamant Kenyatta's Jubilee party is trying to do the same this time around.
  • marred: This system was introduced in a bid to counter rigging and boost confidence in the process after the marred 2007 election.
  • rancour: The two presidential candida tes' fathers Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramogi Odinga were allies in the struggle for independence, but later became bitter rivals, setting the stage for decades of political rancour.

Maduro installs disputed new Venezuela assembly

  • admonish: Using his daily appearances on state television, Maduro has lashed out at several of the 40 countries that admonished him for seeing through the creation of the new assembly.
  • vassal: The Venezuelan leader also slammed Mexico, Chile and Peru as American vassals for saying they would not recognize the new assembly.
  • depreciation: The uncertainty and unease surrounding the path Maduro has set Venezuela on has been reflected in an accelerating depreciation of the country's already debilitated currency, the bolivar.

Arab Despacito: Comedy version of the song complains about high dowries

  • dowry: The father demands that any suitor should own an apartment, a car and provide a shabka (jewellery given as a gift to the bride) as well as pay a dowry.
  • dowry: In traditional Arab culture the groom pays a dowry as a gift to the bride as stated in the Islamic Sharia Law.
  • dowry: The Sharia doesn't specify certain amounts or even that the dowry be a material gift and it is encouraged in Islam to keep it modest and symbolic.