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Funny handshakes or brotherhood of man?

  • freemason: Before freemasons there were stone masons, skilled craftsmen employed to work on Scotland's landmark buildings.
  • freemason: In 1641, Sir Robert Moray- a Scottish soldier, statesman, diplomat, judge, spy and natural philosopher- joined a stone masons ' lodge and many consider this to be the moment when the freemasonsbegan.
  • freemason: Prof Carruthers says there were 612 copies printed of the Kilmarnock edition of Burns ' first poetry book in 1786 and two-thirds of the subscriptions were taken up by freemasons.
  • freemason: Another famous Scot who joined the freemasons slightly before Burns was engineer James Watt.
  • freemason: I 've heard it said that people only become freemasons in order to get a leg up the greasy pole," says Bob Cooper.

Can kids hold pens in the digital age?

  • cursive: In 2015, Finland became one of the first countries in the world to stop making cursive handwriting classes compulsory.
  • cursive: Indian schools too have abandoned cursive writing in favour of clean, legible print.
  • labour: If handwriting is laboured that can have a knock-on effect to all areas of writing from spelling, punctuation to generating ideas," she added.
  • cursive: As to whether it is important to learn the grandiose cursive writing our grandparents excelled at, Dr Medwell is not convinced.

Andrew Lloyd Webber: My career in 7 songs

  • candour: With remarkable candour, the original version was called Married Man.
  • cantata: It lasted just 20 minutes but the seven-song" pop cantata" launched one of Lord Lloyd-Webber's most enduring songs- Any Dream Will Do.
  • timbre: Barbara has this lovely low timbre, but she was very willing to give it a go.
  • dramatist: "That's a fantastic moment for a musical dramatist," says Lord Lloyd-Webber.