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Senator: Comey's remarks on Clinton probe heavily edited

  • negligent: Comey's ultimate statement also omitted language asserting that the " sheer volume" of information classified as secret at the time it was shared made it reasonable to believe that the former secretary of state and her aides were grossly negligent.
  • negligent: Comey, for instance, initially wrote that the FBI believed that Clinton and her aides were " grossly negligent" in their handling of classified information, language also contained in the relevant criminal statute.
  • warranted: Though the FBI had not yet interviewed Clinton, then the Democratic candidate for president, at the time the statement was drafted, FBI officials had already determined that criminal charges were probably not warranted and had begun thinking about how to present that conclusion to the public.

A dog's life

  • sentience: The government has been making much of its support for animal welfare recently, perhaps still smarting from the row involving animal sentience, celebrities and a " fake news" backlash.
  • ferret: Pet passports are used to allow people's domestic dogs, cats and ferrets to travel freely around Europe.
  • rocket: They say the number of dogs coming to the UK under the scheme is increasing year on year and the number from Central and Eastern Europe has " rocketed" recently.

Americans Don't Really Understand Gun Violence

  • superlative: T he massacre in Las Vegas this October earned a macabre superlative: the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, with 58 innocents killed and more than 500 injured.
  • innocent: T he massacre in Las Vegas this October earned a macabre superlative: the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, with 58 innocents killed and more than 500 injured.
  • misunderstand: Largely ignoring nonfatal shootings means that Americans are both vastly underestimating and misunderstanding gun violence.
  • dearth: The dearth of research makes it near impossible to fully illustrate the realities of gun violence to the broader public.
  • foresight: Weiser told her that a combination of poor foresight, neglect, and a deliberate choking-off of funds had left the field with virtually no data and no analysis to work from.

Palestinians, a large Jerusalem minority, feel Trump snub

  • restive: It's morning rush hour in Ras Khamis, a neglected, restive Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem where President Donald Trump's recent recognition of the contested city as Israel's capital has been met by cynicism, defiance and new fears that Palestinians will increasingly be marginalized.
  • parity: Israel would have to invest billions of dollars in Arab areas to reach parity with Jewish neighborhoods, he said.
  • ravine: The plot faces large construction sites for Jewish neighborhoods across a ravine.