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Investigation reveals elaborate technology terror web

  • demeanour: When he came to the UK from his native Bangladesh in the early 2000s, Siful Sujan certainly did not have the appearance or demeanour of someone who, in the space of less than a decade would come to be regarded as one of IS's most senior and dangerous operatives.
  • disillusion: From the turn of the decade Cardiff, like many other UK cities, began to have its problems with a small but high-profile number of radical young Muslims- men from different ethnic minorities, or converts to Islam, who became disillusioned by the global war on terror and were drawn in by the twisted and fanatical rhetoric of IS.
  • innocuous: It was a network that included an innocuous IT firm in south Wales.
  • credence: We, too, found evidence that would appear to give credence to the FBI's claim that Mr Samad was an active supporter of IS and other Islamist ideology.

Nation's botanical treasures to go on display

  • herbarium: The specimen was re-discovered in a cabinet in the herbarium of the Royal Horticultural Society five years ago.
  • herbarium: It's part of the history of science," says Tivvy Harvey, keeper of the herbarium.
  • narcissus: As a result of his work thousands of narcissus varieties could be sterilised and saved, ensuring the survival of daffodils today.
  • narcissus: We wouldn't have the richness of daffodils and narcissus if it wasn't for him," says Fiona Davison.
  • herbarium: The oldest specimen in the herbarium is a lavender ( Lavandula x intermedia) collected in 1731.