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Africa's top shots: 11 -17 October 2019

  • 18 October 2019

A selection of photos from across Africa, and of Africans elsewhere, this week:

A woman wearing an intricate red fascinator and red, lip-shaped sunglasses smiles. Image copyright AFP Image caption A reveller smiles for the cameras at Uganda's Royal Ascot Goat Race on Saturday. The annual event began in 1993 as a parody of the UK's famous horse race. Presentational white space Three difference designs are showcased by model at the Taússy Daniel show during Johannesburg Fashion Week. Image copyright Gallo Images Image caption Also on Saturday, models for Mozambican designer Taússy Daniel strike poses on the catwalk at AFI Johannesburg Fashion Week... Presentational white space Hair and make-up artists work on a model backstage. Image copyright Gallo Images Image caption Another model has her hair and make-up tended to backstage... Presentational white space Ndlovu Youth Choir are pictured signing and dancing, in mathcing outfits, on stage. Image copyright Gallo Images Image caption Also at the event were the Ndlovu Youth Choir, seen here performing for attendees... Presentational white space Model wear bright blue and neon green dresses on the catwalk. Image copyright Gallo Images Image caption While frothy tulle designs by House Of Jahdara were among the pieces on display. Presentational white space Ben Enwonwu's painting Africa Dances is seen on a wall. A woman is seen, out-of-focus, looking at the piece. Image copyright Gallo Images Image caption Africa Dance by late Nigerian painter Ben Enwonwu is seen on Saturday at Sotheby's auction house in London. Days later the artwork sold for £471,000 ($604,300) - more than twice its estimate. Presentational white space Identical twin sisters wearing matching jewellery and hairstyles smile for the camera. Image copyright AFP Image caption Identical twin sisters Kehinde Olofin (L) and Taye Olofin take part in the Igbo-Ora World Twins festival on Saturday... Presentational white space Identical twin brothers stand next to each and pose for the camera. Image copyright AFP Image caption Alese Kehinde Akat (L) and Alese Taiwo also attend... Presentational white space A mother kisses one of her twins during the Igbo-Ora World Twins festival. Image copyright AFP Image caption The event is held in a part of south-western Nigeria reputed to have one of the highest incidences of multiple births in the world. Presentational white space A boy holds up a handmade sign in the stands at a football match. Image copyright Allsport Co. Image caption At Nigeria's football friendly against Brazil in Singapore on Sunday, a boy holds up a sign in Portuguese that reads "Neymar can I have your shirt, I'm your biggest fan". Presentational white space Entle Maungwa holds a kata stance. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The day before, Entle Maungwa of Botswana is seen competing in the karate kata category at the ANOC World Beach Games in Qatar. Presentational white space A wrestler grips the thigh of his opponent, who in turn is balancing his body weight with one hand on the ground. Image copyright Anadolu Agency Image caption Nuba-style wrestlers fight in front of a packed-out crowd in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, on Friday. Hundreds of people in Eldoret watch Eliud Kipchoge's race against time on a screen. Image copyright AFP Image caption Rapt supporters near Eliud Kipchoge's training camp in western Kenya watch live TV coverage on Saturday as the athlete attempts to become the first person to run a marathon in under two hours. Kipchoge succeeded - clocking a time of 1:59:40 in Austria. Presentational white space Hilda Flavia Nakabuye is comforted by two other attendees as she speak at C40 Copenhagen. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ugandan activist Hilda Flavia Nakabuye, 22, is visibly moved at a summit in Denmark on Friday as she describes the effects of the global climate crisis on her community. "Dry spells left the stream dry and my parents had to sell off our land - when the money [finished] it was a question of survival or death," she said. Presentational white space Two female officers in army fatigue are seen on a vehicle, smiling as they take a selfie. Image copyright AFP Image caption Tunisian military officers take a selfie while escorting sealed voting materials to a polling station in the capital on Saturday, ahead of a presidential vote-off later won by retired law professor Kais Saied. Presentational white space Two men are seen wearing studded leather jackets and trousers. One of them has a painted face, is sticking his tongue out, and making the sign of the horns with his hand. Image copyright AFP Image caption And on Sunday in Botswana, supporters join a rally for Tshekedi Khama - the brother of former President Ian Khama - who is standing as a parliamentary candidate in next week's elections.

Images courtesy of AFP, Anadolu Agency, Getty Images, Gallo Images and Allsport Co.

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