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What Trump and Putin Hope to Achieve at Helsinki Summit

  • rapport: More than anything else, he sees Monday's summit as an opportunity to develop good rapport with Trump and set the stage for regular high-level contacts.
  • abnormal: It's unhealthy and abnormal when the leaders of the two nuclear powers capable of destroying each other and the rest of the world don't meet.
  • euphoria: Moscow views Trump's criticism of NATO allies and his recent comments about wanting Russia back in the Group of Seven club of leading industrialized nations with guarded optimism but no euphoria.
  • illusory: Konstantin Kosachev, the Kremlin-connected head of the foreign affairs committee in parliament's upper house, wrote in his blog that Russia won't engage in vague talk about " illusory subjects," such as the prospect of lifting Western sanctions or Russia's return to the G-7.
  • parity: Russia has pledged adherence to both treaties, but it has become less focused on arms control agreements than in the past, when it was struggling to maintain nuclear parity with the U.S..

Will South Africa's Jacob Zuma come back to haunt Cyril Ramaphosa?

  • spiritualism: To borrow- apologetically- from the world of spiritualism, maybe these tarot cards can help guide us.
  • feudal: The ANC had indeed been discussing such a move, but rather than pointing to the outdated and feudal nature of the king's control over those living on his land and the alleged corruption involved in the whole setup, President Ramaphosa rushed to the king's palace to assure him that his land was safe and, presumably, to ensure his continued support for the ANC..
  • bide: Just five more years," is the chorus now being sung, quietly for now, by Mr Zu ma's allies as they bide their time, undermine Team Ramaphosa at every opportunity, and wait for the wheel to turn so they can seize back power at the next ANC electoral conference.
  • exorcise: Is the patient Mr Ramaphosa the right man to exorcise the ghosts of the Zuma era, grab a faltering nation by the neck, and drag it back towards economic growth and political stability?
  • fool: Perhaps the larger question is whether such a mission is even possible- regardless of whether a hermit, or a fool, or any other tarot card is in charge.