French student misses bus, crashes car, dropped off to exam by police

The local police said they wished the high school student "all the success he deserves"Image copyrightNational Police of Tarn/FacebookImage caption Police said they wished the high school student "all the success he deserves"

A French student who crashed his father's car while rushing to sit an exam got to take the test after being dropped off by police, officials say.

Loïc, 18, was desperate to take his baccalaureate exam on Monday after missing the bus, and so took the car.

He reportedly lost control of the vehicle on a turn, hitting a guardrail on the opposite side of the road.

After checking his condition, police in the small town of Albi delivered him to school just minutes before the exam.

Officers from the local station in Albi, just north of Toulouse, reported in a Facebook post that they arrived at the scene of the accident to find Loïc "unscathed".

The high school student was then given a breathalyser test for alcohol consumption, which he passed.

Police said the teenager explained that he was keen to take the exam and that they had agreed that missing the test, which is required for students to graduate high school in France, would be "unfortunate".

With just 10 minutes before it was due to start, arrangements were made for his father's vehicle and Loïc was asked to step into the police van.

The teenager arrived with two minutes to spare, reportedly leaving his fellow students "dumbfounded".

The Albi police said they all wished the high school student "all the success he deserves".

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