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Timeline of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack

  • hack: Dec. 3: Some cybersecurity experts say they 've found striking similarities between the code used in the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment and attacks blamed on North Korea which targeted South Korean companies and government agencies last year.
  • log: Nov. 24: Workers at Sony Pictures Entertainment in Culver City, California log on to their computers to find a screen message saying they had been hacked by a group calling itself Guardians of Peace.
  • hack: Here's a look at key developments in the hack:.
  • hack: Dec. 18: The White House says evidence shows the hack against Sony Pictures was carried out by a " sophisticated actor" with " malicious intent.

Castro survived odd, often inept, US schemes

  • normalcy: Disclosures by The Associated Press this year revealed how the U.S. Agency for International Development continued Washington's stealthy democracy-promotion work as some lawmakers and others pressed for a return to normalcy with Cuba.
  • misadventure: USAID's recent Cuba programs, although less dangerous than some past misadventures, received sharp criticism this year from some U.S. lawmakers who called them " reckless, " ''boneheaded" and" downright irresponsible.
  • fathom: Ryan Goodman, a New York University law professor, said it was " difficult to fathom " how USAID's operations, such as Z unZ uneo, weren't covert actions that required additional legal signoffs.