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Fearing Worker Shortage, Farmers Push Back on Immigration

  • vegetable: If America's unauthorized labor force shrank 40 percent, for example, vegetable production could drop by more than 4 percent, the study said.
  • floral: Field hands have been among those targeted, with apple pickers detained in upstate New York and Guatemalans pulled over in Oregon on their way to a forest to pick a plant used in floral arrangements.
  • dragnet: Some workers in Oregon are leaving for job sites as early as 1 a.m. and staying away from check-cashing shops on payday to avoid dragnets.

Geeks vs government

  • numerical: Today, encryption is typically numerical: first, convert the letters into numbers and then perform some complicated mathematics on them.
  • divisible: Take a very large prime number- one that's not divisible by anything other than itself.
  • divisible: That gives you an extremely large " semi-prime" number, one divisible only by two prime numbers.
  • prime: In the early 2000s, RSA Laboratories published some semi-primes and offered cash prizes to anyone who could figure out the primes that produced them.
  • fret: No wonder Adm Inman fretted about this knowledge reaching America's enemies.

Missing million

  • tombstone: It is, the institution says, a kind of paper tombstone.
  • inquisitive: That began to change, he says, after about 30 or 40 years, when many survivors started talking about what happened, not with their children but with their inquisitive grandchildren.
  • ravine: In Babi Yar, in Ukraine, for instance, of the 33,000 Jews from Kiev and its surroundings who were slaughtered in a ravine in September 1941 in the largest massacre of its kind, about half are yet to be identified.