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Rhetoric, Anger Mount in Diplomatic Standoff in the Gulf

  • impinge: The Saudis have given Qatar until July 3 to comply with its demand, but Qatar has rejected the demands as unreasonable, saying they impinge on the emi rate's sovereignty.
  • deaf: A plea by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Gulf states to tone down their rhetoric in a rapidly escalating diplomatic standoff involving Qatar, Saudi Arabia and three Saudi allies appears to be falling on deaf ears.
  • sever: They also want the emirate to sever ties with the Muslim Brother hood, a transnational Sunni Islamist movement accused by some countries of being a terrorist organization.

How the Federal Reserve Serves US Foreign Intelligence

  • glean: The exception has allowed Treasury, State and Fed officials without regular access to glean information about the movement of funds in and out of the accounts, those people said.
  • defiant: While the Kremlin's public response was defiant, Fed and Treasury officials concluded Moscow feared the United States would freeze Russia's assets even though the account was not included in the narrow scope of the sanctions, according to one former official.
  • verification: In freezing the assets of Al-Kawthar, Iraq's central bank followed Fed " verification procedures," added the official, who declined to be named.

Trump Eager For Big Meeting with Putin, Some Advisers Wary

  • humanize: A face-to-face meeting can humanize the two sides and often removes some of the intrigue involved in impersonal, telephone communication.
  • intrigue: A face-to-face meeting can humanize the two sides and often removes some of the intrigue involved in impersonal, telephone communication.
  • choreograph: The meetings are typically highly choreographed affairs, with everything from the way the two leaders shake hands to the looks that they exchange and the actual words spoken offering glimpses into the state of affairs.

Blood brothers

  • levity: Like all brothers they argue and get on each other's nerves, but today there is reason for some levity: in just a few week's time, David is going free.
  • immature: Simm ons ' lawyers argued all the way to the Supreme Court that it was cruel and unusual punishment to execute a " developmentally immature" person.
  • stupor: They fought other inmates, and coped with their fates by spending as much time as possible in an intoxicated stupor.